Thursday, June 25, 2009

one of those... has officially been "one of those days"...
I'm not going to go into the detail because you honestly wouldn't believe me...
YES, it has been that bad!

"It could be worse"....this is what you are probably saying...
and yes...this is true, it could be worse...
but it could also be a whole lot better!

I am going to bed tonite with the hopes that tomorrow will be a new day...a better day!

I hope everyone is having a good week....and not "one of those weeks"...
just remind yourself, it could be worse!

It is times like these that I remind myself how blessed and fortunate I am!

I have a loving husband and two precious beautiful little girls....
and although those two little girls...or at least one of them, i am not going to name names...could be the reason for my day...I am still blessed beyond words to have them...they mean more to me than they will ever know!!

So when it is "one of those days"....stop and think about all the Lord has blessed you with!

Okay...enough with my words of wisdom...I am off to take itty bitty for a ride in her buggy!!
And I might even let big sister tag along on her bike...if she promises to behave...not that I am holding my breath!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here we are!!

So, here I am...for today anyways!
I have been SO bad about blogging lately!
I take pictures with the intention of posting them in a blog and it just never happens!
We have been doing so much this summer and it would all make for a great blog post...but instead the pics are just sitting in my camera, waiting patiently to be used!
Maybe I will try to play catch up!
But no promises...I hate to disappoint!

Today we got out and went to my friend Darci's house!
Kiley and Lily had a great time with her kiddos...although we missed Dawson...he was napping!
Maybe next time sweet boy!
Hope you enjoy this picture post...
I will try to keep more coming your way!

Kiley and Cale are looking for ladybugs in the flowers...there were so many of them!!
Cale is a prospective husband for Kiley here in a few years...many, many few years!!
Like...she she is about 30!

Kiley and sweet Emma!
She is just as firey as Kiley...and I love it!
Emma says that Kiley is her best friend...tear!!

My little monkey...AKA Lily Adyson!!
She is getting better at walking but prefers this method of getting around better!

"Hey dad, I am thinking about following in your footsteps!!"

Look at that MONKEY!
She made it all the way to the top of the slide...but this is as far as I would let her get without my hand behind her!!

Thanks for a great afternoon Darci, Emma and Cale!