Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another one!

Don't get too used to it!
I just happen to have a few minutes to post...or maybe I am just making the time to do it...rather than folding my growing pile of clean laundry!

Lily pushing her baby in her stroller! This is the ONLY thing Lily will walk with. We are working on moving it a foot or so in front of her and getting her to take a few steps toward it but it has only worked a couple of times! Soon enough she will be all over the place...but for now she just crawls!

Are they not super cute???

Mommy and Kiley at the zoo...looking at the horses!
Kiley is a huge fan of horses, if we had a big enough yard we would own one...but we don't!!

She told me she was "sun bathing" but the sun was in her eyes so she needed her "sun umbrella"!
She says the FUNNIEST things!

The shirt says it all!
Yes, she does still eat at mom's....regularly!
I used to think it was weird to nurse your babies after they were a year old but it is becoming more and more common. We are considering stopping at 18 months though, I KNOW I am sometimes getting used as a pacifier!
How long did you breastfeed your kids?? Just curious!!
The chair...not a great pic of it but it is SO cute!
I got it at and I love it!
I actually saw it on a blog friends page and decided Lily needed one!
Thanks Addy...we love our chair!

Well, I am off to tackle the laundry and then to the in-laws for swimming, dinner and possibly a fire with marshmallow roasting! We have some big news to share this week! No, I am NOT pregnant....and NO I am not upset about that fact....although some of you are waiting for that news....don't count on it any time too soon!

Have a great Sunday Funday!

All about Kiley!

It has been a while since I posted pictures but instead of going back a month and starting behind...I decided to post the recent ones and go from here!

This post features Miss Kiley...she has been quite the princess in the past week!

Kiley and Mimi at the Ronald McDonald Benefit Symphony!

Mommy and Kiley at Cinderella! We had SO much fun!

Mommy and her girls! I am such a proud mommy!

My little sugar plum she not the most precious thing you have ever seen!

Reagan, Emerson and ballet friends!!

Well that basically sums up Kiley's last week!
She did wonderful at her recital!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Oh my goodness, how I have missed blogging!
Things have been nothing short of madness lately!

*Kiley has finished her first year of preschool!
*Kiley, mammie and I went and had a tea party with Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother and
Prince Charming...followed by seeing the Cinderella production!
*Lily is crawling like a mad woman...but recently took a few steps!
*Lily has become very vocal and says "dada" CONSTANTLY!

And of course, we have been playing outside, jumping on the trampoline, taking walks and visiting Sonic at happy hour daily!

Lily is doing well. Her MRI was postponed for a while due to some complications...rather or not it will be rescheduled it uncertain for now. Her pulse ox readings came back least the readings they had recorded on her is so hard keeping that thing on her foot, she wiggles a toe and it starts beeping and reading incorrectly! UGH! She has been having fewer blue spells and is eating...kinda! She is cutting some teeth and is MISERABLE...complete with fussiness, swollen gums and diarrhea...poor angel!

My Kiley will be spending the summer at home with me...we opted not to do mothers day out this summer! I know there are going to be some long days but we will be having play dates, trips to the pool and park and visiting the library and local painting places!

Sorry for my absence but I have now returned! I have many pics to post and will try to work on that tomorrow during nap time!

I have been spending way too much time on etsy recently and have placed my last order tonite! I will be sure to post pics of the girls in their new cute clothes...along with the sites at which they were have got to check them out!

I am off to bed before someone needs to nurse...sweet dreams!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where oh where??

Can you tell we are losing our minds???

This makes my heart smile!

I don't even have the words for this one!

It is so gloomy here in the Texas panhandle! Today is day number FIVE of the cloudy/damp weather and we are going crazy being stuck in the house! We want to be out on the swing set, going for walks and blowing bubbles...not sitting inside...BLAH!!

Well other than the rain, we had a really good weekend! Lily has been doing really well the last few days...she has had quite the appetite and has been doing alot better at night! I hate to brag too much, I don't want to jinx us!

Kiley is off at school! I decided not to send her yesterday...we just stayed at home and watched cartoons, it was LOVELY!

I am the queen of making up songs for my girls so I will leave you with this one...

Oh where oh where has the sunshine gone
Oh where oh where can it be
With its light so bright and its rays so warm
Oh where oh where can it be??

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Having a BABY!

How many of you are on the edge of your seat right now wondering if I am pregnant??
NOT ME SILLY!!! There is no baby in this belly! I think the Lord knows my two precious girls are all that I can handle for the time being!

But there are other people having babies...lots of them! I could not tell you who they are...I do not know them!

When were at the hospital in Lubbock, I heard this lullaby playing over the PA system...out of nowhere and then it stopped! When Lily's nurse came in to check on her I asked what the lullaby was all about. She said that they play it every time a baby is sweet is that!! I heard it several times throughout the morning and everytime I thought about the moments right after my girls were born...sweet memories! THEN....later in the afternoon I heard it....not once, not twice but THREE times in a row....a lady had delivered TRIPLETS! Congrats to her but NO THANKS!!

Sorry for my delayed post! We are finally back home and things are back to the normal madness! And to think I was bored those couple of days we were in the hospital....why on earth was I not enjoying the time to rest and relax???
Anyways, I got a call from Dr. H yesterday about the results from Lily's test. It was confirmed that she does have GERD but it is not such a severe case that it should be causing her to not eat, not gain weight, have blue episodes, have respiratory problems and wake up screaming/arching her back/thowing her head in what appears to be pain. This is what I was afraid of...putting my child through this and still not having an answer....being told that there is something "not right" with your child but not knowing what it is is an AWFUL feeling...I feel so helpless and my heart breaks for my sweet Lily.

Dr. H and Dr. S talked....Dr. S is Lily's pediatrician. Dr. H reviewed Lily's history with Dr. S and thinks that Lily should be looked at from a neurologic standpoint. When she was about 6 months old she started jerking/shaking randomly...for just a few seconds at a time and it was thought that she might be having seizures. She had a CT scan and an EEG done but nothing showed up so it wasn't really worried about. We saw a pedi neurologist in Lubbock and he said he was not really concerned. She has continued to have those every now and then but I have never mentioned it again because they had ruled out seizures and were not worried about it. Well, now they are.

Her specialists and Dr. S think that all of her symptoms have to be related but they aren't sure how.

An MRI has been ordered and while I want them to find out what is going on, I don't want Lily to have to go through anything else. She has gone through so much in her 12 months of life and as her mom, I want to wrap her in my arms, keep her safe, make everything okay and not let one more test be performed. This last procedure she had done broke my heart. I had to take her in to the OR and hold her while they put her to sleep...I was crying and kept my head turned the whole time...I didn't want to see. I don't ever want to have to do that was horrible!

In my eyes Lily is perfect. Now I have to remove my "mommy goggles" and think about it from a medical standpoint. There could be something wrong...but I just don't want to think about it.

Lily is now wearing a pulse ox monitor at night....well she is supposed to be! When she woke up in the middle of the was no longer on her cute big toe...for how long I don't know!

On a brighter note, Lily slept from 10:30 to 3:30, ate and was back asleep by 4:00...good job baby girl!! Some of you are probably wondering why I am still nursing her...especially at night. Lily weighs 17 1/2 pounds and is 27 inches long...she is approximately the size of a 6-7 month old 12 months. She won't take a bottle or a sippy cup and gets few calories from the small amount of food she eats during the day so breastmilk is still the main source of her nutrition. And I have to take advantage of any time that she will eat, even if it is in the middle of the night.

I have to be honest, I have been strong for months now but I am starting to get worn down. I am exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally.

Please keep us in your prayers. Pray for Josh and I to have strength and wisdom and pray for a miracle for Lily. Pray that she starts eating and growing and that all of her symptoms go away....God can do anything and we believe he can work a miracle in our sweet baby!

Thank you listening to be vent some frustration, putting my thoughts into words is actually quite therapeutic!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!