Monday, March 30, 2009

I am...........

I AM.....

A chef
A house keeper
A laundry washer
A diaper changer
A pet trainer
A "taxi" driver
A spit up cleaner
A constant food source
A hair dresser
A boo boo kisser
A bath giver
A photographer
A personal stylist
A game player
A book reader
A singer
A cuddle partner
A cartoon watcher


With big open mouth kisses
With huge bear hugs
With I love you's

I am a stay at home mom and I can't think of anything else I would rather be....regardless the pay! Babies are only babies for so long....

I am off to cuddle with mine!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on my Lily!

So lately I have had several people ask me how Lily is doing with her health is kind of complicated and long but I told them that I would blog about it so they could get the details. The only problem is, I haven't yet written about it! I have been reading so many blogs about mothers with ill children....maybe ill isn't even the word....seriously sick would be more like it. It just breaks my heart to see what they are going through and although what I have been through with Lily has been hard, we have always been blessed with a wonderful outcome...healing! I just feel like our problems are so minor compared to those but for those of you lucky enough to a completely healthy baby....I am jealous....thank God for that everyday, for it truly is a blessing! So here it is.....

There is a word for it but I cannot pronounce it correctly....much less spell I will just explain it! She has an immune system deficiency. Her body does not produce enough IgG antibodies....which is what your body uses to fight off viral and bacterial when she is exposed to something her little body cannot fight it off and she gets sick. And when she gets sick, she can't get rid of it because of the low immune something as simple as a cold turns into a three week long lung infection. And let me take a second to explain how Lily reacts to sickness....she completely shuts down! She won't eat, won't nurse....nothing, which makes things that much harder! She was losing weight (up to a pound in just a couple of weeks) and having problems gaining it back. We were sent to a wonderful specialist and he has been helping us get all of this under control and he us amazing! We were told to keep her home....away from everything for a couple we did and things have started to get better...much better! I am proud to report that Lily has been well for about two months....with a few fevers here and there but nothing major! She has also gained a little weight....well, at least she hasn't lost any! Praise the Lord, all of this is such an answered prayer for me! You have no idea how hard it is to see your baby constantly sick...I felt so completely helpless!

She is also dealing with another problem involving her immune system. Her body has not accepted her vaccinations ...which means she could easily catch one of the serious diseases she is supposed to be immune to...thanks to modern day science! I sometimes find myself consumed thinking about all of this....sometimes to the point of obsession! I panic if I hear someone cough while we are out at a restuarant or at Target (we have recently been given the okay to start taking Lily out at our discretion). I freak out if Kiley touches Lily before she her hands are clean and I am constantly reminding my husband to wash his hands the second he walks in the door...I just don't feel like we can risk her getting sick! I recently posted about Lily going to the church nursery for the first time....well it will be the last for a while, she ended up with a fever for a few days after and I can't help but think she was exposed to something....maybe we will try again here in a few months!

We will be returning to the specialist after Lily turns one and they will do blood tests to check her antibody levels and to see if there has been any change in her bodies response to her vaccinations. If things are not improving like they would like, we have the option of antibody infusions through an IV and larger quantities of the vaccines to see if her body will accept them....but I am just praying that none of this has to be done! We are so ready for her to be a healthy little baby and I feel a peace about this...God is healing her, I just know it!

I guess that is about all! Please continue to keep her in your prayers but also thank God for what he has already done in her healing process! And please lift up all the babies and their families who are struggling, my heart truly goes out to them!

Much Love!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break Recap!

Things have been crazy lately! Kiley was on Spring Break last week and it flew by, we were busy every day but definitely found time for a little fun! As usual, we spent some time at mammie and pa's hired me for a few days to do some yard work, which was surprisingly stress relieving! We also made our way to a few local parks, we just couldn't miss out on the nice weather!

Kiley and daddy at the park!

Lily in her lady bug outfit! (you can't see them very well, but her shoes are lady bugs too!)

Mommy and her girls going down the slide!

Stylin' in mommy's sunglasses!

We are back to our normal routine this week, which has been hard for all of us to adjust to! Kiley has her first soccer game on Thursday and I'm not sure who is more excited, her or daddy!! Josh played/still plays soccer and he is happy that his little girl is following in his footsteps...and Kiley is excited that she gets to play at the same indoor arena that daddy plays in!

Lily has had a few "firsts" this past week! She stood up by herself for about 30 seconds on Thursday, but she had no idea she was doing it...she was busy playing with her toy! Also, she slept through the night THREE nights in a row!! She broke the trend last night but still did well, only waking up once to nurse! I am feeling like a new and refreshed mommy!

And last, we got a puppy!!! Kiley has been wanting one for quite some time now but Josh was reluctant to give in...until now! We got a Cairn Terrier, which is the dog from Wizzard of Oz, and she is just too sweet! Her name is Daisy....we let Kiley pick it out....and this is the first name that was agreeable to all of us! (She wanted to call her Lily the Rose Flower....where she came up with that I have no idea, but I just couldn't see myself yelling that from the back porch at 3 in the morning, not to mention, her sisters name is Lily....can you say confusing!!)

Well I am off to grab some breakfast before Lily gets up...hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello everyone! It seems like it has been forever since I've posted....sorry about that! This one is going to have to be a quickie...Lily is getting restless in the bed and will be waking up any minute and Kiley is on pre-school spring break so I have my hands full!

I have a new accomplishment to blog about....I put Lily in the church nursery for the first time yesterday, I thought it would be nice to actually listen to a sermon, rather than playing peek a boo or patty cake in the hallway to keep the little princess quiet!

I was so proud of myself but kind of nervous too so I made sure that the pager was in my hands at all times....after about 15 minutes it went off!! WHAT??? As I open the doors of the sanctuary I hear her screaming (moms just KNOW when it is their baby crying) and trust me when I say that the nursery is not exactly close to the sanctuary....she was that upset! I rushed to the nursery and I was greeted with the words, "We hated to page you since this is your first time to leave her but she is so upset she is having a hard time breathing and we can't get her to calm down"....she was hyperventilating! Can you say MOMMY'S GIRL?!?!

I was finally able to get her to calm down after I resorted to the usual patty cake and peek a boo games....we were back in our element (the sanctuary hallway)! Maybe we will attempt the nursery again next week...MAYBE!

Well that is my story...really the only exciting thing that happened this weekend, unless you consider spending about $500 dollars on groceries and miscellaneous things at Walmart, Sams and Target exciting....I don't, I think it is rather depressing! should see my fridge, freezer and pantry...we are stocked up on everything and I LOVE that feeling!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is planning on enjoying spring break! You will probably find us at a few of the local parks and possibly at an ice cream store or two! I will try and snap a few cute pics to post!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Full of pictures!

I don't really have alot to say but have some way cute pictures to post from the last few days!
I will try to add captions so you know what you are looking at!

This is our attempt at a family portrait....taken by my sweet husband!
I hate to admit it but the professionals do it better!

Sweet Kiley sitting in daddy's trailer! She smiles CONSTANTLY....until the camera comes out, then she has to make these crazy faces!!

Kiley and her Mimi!
Go ahead and do a double are correct, this is the mayor!
We love you Debra!!

I can stick my tongue out!

Mommy and Lily at the hotel in Lubbock!
Isn't her outfit precious.....she is my little lad bug!

Are you looking at me??

I now consider myself a professional crawler....I will start thinking about other means of getting around after i turn TWO!
(I honestly think this is going to be the case....she shows NO signs of wanting to walk)

It's my little soccer player!
She LOVES soccer...she has her first practice tomorrow night!

Portrait before church...I just love her curly hair!
It's not natural people...I am now getting to put my cosmetology school skills to good use!
(Thanks mom and dad!)

Like my bow??
What about my mohawk??
I have my daddy's double crowns...which makes my hair stick up...ALL THE TIME!
I think that everything should go in my mouth...where else??

And this....
if you could see Kiley's face (in the background) she is saying...
"Lily made an ut-oh"...
I forgot to put the lid on the cream...
I took Lily out of the bathtub and down the hall she went...
As I am getting Kiley out of the bathtub there is silence in the house...
NEVER a good sign when you have kids...
I send Kiley to go find her sister...
I walk into the living room to find this!
I just had to capture the moment with a picture!

and that is all i have for now!

hope everyone has a wonderful monday!