Thursday, July 30, 2009

And yet another.....

I have another giveaway to tell you is a good one as well....

I have seen this blog a few times and occasionally check it!
This blogger is now having a baby boy and to celebrate she is doing a fab giveaway!
Check her out here!!!

And in case you didn't read my previous post...check it out below, there are two great giveaways down there as well!

Much Love!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Great Giveaway!

Well...not mine's still a good one!

One of the blogs I read daily, Jenna's Journey, is having a giveaway for some great Yo Baby stuff!
Go to her blog and check it out!

I have been taking a break from blogging...trying to get caught up on scrapbooking and baby book stuff!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer!

Here is another great giveaway I ran across.....check it out here....Natalie is a cute blogger with a ton of great stuff!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Late....I KNOW!!

I know, July 4th was almost two weeks ago but I have been really behind on my posts this summer....
I thought about not posting any 4th pics but some of these are just too cute!!
We had a full day....
starting with a parade in a small town not too far away from where we live!
I love our city but there is just something about the small town atmosphere....
everybody knows everybody and small town values are still very evident!
It was so hot but Kiley didn't seem to care!
Lily on the other hand.....was not so impressed with the heat!
After the parade we went to my parents house for lunch and homemade ice cream...yummy!
Then we went to my inlaws....they live in a community that has a HUGE celebration every year!
Food, live music, bouncers for the kids and fireworks....SO fun for everybody!!
Here are a few pics from our busy but fun day!!

All of DeeDee's grandkids together...something we didn't think would happen for several years!!
Here they are....Lily, Isabel, Preston, Ava and Kiley!!
They range in age from 5 months to 4 years!!
DeeDee has been trying to get this picture for a while's not easy getting them to all sit on one place!
This one is not perfect by any means but hey...we will take what we can get!!

Our July 4th family picture taken at my parents house!

Sweet Kiley with her favorite thing....a flower!! She is obsessed!
Oh, and if you can see her pretty cheeks...a firecracker on one and a butterfly on the other!

Precious Lily...she makes the funniest faces!
I have no clue what this one is all about but I LOVE it!

Mommy and Kiley's pretty toes!
Pa sent Mommy, Mammie and Kiley to get their toes done and we all got festive!!
Kiley's are tiny and hard to see but she has fireworks on her big toes....she decided on that one!!
Lily did get left out of the pedicures...her toes are TINY...I did try to paint them did not work well, which is why there is not a picture of them!!

Also, I forgot to get a picture but....the girls had matching bracelets they wore on this day....
they are SO sweet, I will get a pic of them and post it soon!

I hope everyone is having a good week!

Friday, July 10, 2009


This sweet face.........

plus this red box.......

equals this BIG mess........

but oh....I just love her so much!! Messes and all!!

And now....I leave you with this....which leaves me speechless!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catch Up!

Once again, it has been a little while....okay, a LONG while!
Give me a break's summer time and no offense to you sweet readers but...sitting inside blogging is the last thing I want to be doing while my beautiful children are outside playing and having fun!

And I don't know if I mentioned this but Kiley is not going to Mothers Day Out this summer...I thought we both needed a break from a "have to do" I have both of the girls home with me everyday and I am trying to make the most of it...especially for Kiley, she only has a little over a month before pre-school starts!!

These pics are from a couple weeks ago....Lily is riding in her buggy....her most favorite outdoor activity....sporting her uber cute onesie from Faith Baby!

Oh my goodness she is having fun!
I could seriously eat this face up....yummy!!!

"What are you looking at mommy?"
"OH me??....OF COURSE"!!

"That's all I've got people!!"
(Still sporting the mohawk)

And someone got a BIKE!!
That's more tricycle for this big girl...we are all about the Princess bike!!

She wanted to make sure I got a pic of her with the princess pouch...this is really what sealed the deal on the bike....SERIOUSLY!
I think she could just see it piling up with rocks and whatever else she finds when we go on walks...I empty it out daily and never know what I will find!

"Hey mommy, this is fun!!"
Notice sister tagging along in her buggy...aren't we just one big happy family!

And this people is "the pose"....I take pics of my kiddos everyday and it never fails that this pose is flashed SEVERAL times...a whole lot of sugar with a little bit of spice!!!

Off they go....
It took her a few days to get it down but once she did....she was a bike riding pro!

So that is about all for now!
My posts may be random for the next month or so but once Kiley gets back in school I promise to blog on more of a regular basis!

Hope everyone is having a good summer!