Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I don't have any pics to post today...I took some of the girls last night in front of the tree and a few today while we were out shopping with my dad BUT I have yet to learn how to use the card reader for my new camera so...maybe I will ask my husband to show me tonite!!

We have been busy little elfs the last few days...buying the last of the gifts for my husband and my parents...I can't say what they are because I know my parents read this and it has to be a suprise BUT I will take pics and show you after Christmas day! I have a feeling they are going to be a big hit!!

As I sit here typing just started snowing! Nothing like snow to get you ready for Christmas!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! I know it is being much anticipated around our house...Kiley can't wait for Santa but keeps reminding us that Christmas is about Jesus! Josh and I don't need to be reminded but I am SO glad that she understands the true meaning of Christmas! And Lily...well she just likes all the pretty ornaments and boxes...and as far as Santa goes...she is TERRIFIED of him!

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have no clue why my pics posted first....but I am too tired to go back and fix them!


This is Kiley's "model pose" in front of the Christmas tree...she is such the drama queen!

Here is my sweet Lily helping with the decorating!

Here is the mantle...partialy done!

I don't know why my husband takes such crazy pictures of us....maybe we are the crazy ones for posing like this!

This is the pic we used for our Chrisrtmas card....Reindeer Antlers!

Has anyone been wondering where we have been lately?

Does anyone even read my blog anymore??

Well for those of you that do...we are still here!

This is a crazy time of the year for us..
we have been super busy decorating for Christmas, sipping on hot chocolate, cuddling by the fire, reading Christmas books and watching all of our Christmas favorites!

This season always seems to fly by and I wish it would stick around forever!

There is not much to update on for the time being!

Kiley is doing wonderful in pre-school and had her last day today for the next three weeks...oh

my! Lily had her monthly weight check today and has actually lost weight since last month so we start feeding therapy again next week...hopefully they will be more aggressive this time and not release us until she is on the right track with her eating! So for now we will just be comfortable with her being below the negative fifth percentile for her weight and will hope for weight gain next month...even if it is only a few ounces! My heart sank today when I saw the scale...I just knew she had gained...WRONG!

Tonite we went to get hot chocolate and look at Christmas lights with my in-laws...Kiley was asleep 10 minutes into our adventure and Lily enjoyed herself for about 30 minutes....making the last hour miserable! But the poor baby does have a bacteria infection in her eyes and nose so that could have contributed to part of the upset!

I will leave you with some recent pics....enjoy your holiday season....I will try to be back before Christmas!

(the pics were at the beginning)!!