Friday, November 6, 2009


I haven't exactly taken the time to update my blog lately....with the exception of when Lily was in the hospital! I am not the "sit down" type girl...I am always on the go, playing with the girls and trying to keep my house in some form of order!

We are now approaching my favorite time of the year! I love fall, the leaves changing colors, the cool days and the overall "air" of the holidays!

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the holiday season...
it goes by SO fast!

And me crazy but I have already started listening to Christmas music...
the girls and I dance to it daily!

My girls enjoying a tea party!
Santa told me that he is bringing them a cute new table for Christmas!

Here is my sweet Lily and her "bunny butt" it not the cutest thing you have ever seen???

Kiley and her friend Kelli...both little mermaids for Halloween!

She just loves making silly faces for the camera!

I absolutely adore this baby girl!!

Attempt number one!

Attempt number two!!

Attempt number three!!
I have no idea why my words are now underlined!!

Kiley pulling Lily at the pumpkin patch!
They are so stinkin' sweet!

So, that is about all for now!

Have a wonderful weekend!