Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catch Up!

Once again, it has been a little while....okay, a LONG while!
Give me a break's summer time and no offense to you sweet readers but...sitting inside blogging is the last thing I want to be doing while my beautiful children are outside playing and having fun!

And I don't know if I mentioned this but Kiley is not going to Mothers Day Out this summer...I thought we both needed a break from a "have to do" I have both of the girls home with me everyday and I am trying to make the most of it...especially for Kiley, she only has a little over a month before pre-school starts!!

These pics are from a couple weeks ago....Lily is riding in her buggy....her most favorite outdoor activity....sporting her uber cute onesie from Faith Baby!

Oh my goodness she is having fun!
I could seriously eat this face up....yummy!!!

"What are you looking at mommy?"
"OH me??....OF COURSE"!!

"That's all I've got people!!"
(Still sporting the mohawk)

And someone got a BIKE!!
That's more tricycle for this big girl...we are all about the Princess bike!!

She wanted to make sure I got a pic of her with the princess pouch...this is really what sealed the deal on the bike....SERIOUSLY!
I think she could just see it piling up with rocks and whatever else she finds when we go on walks...I empty it out daily and never know what I will find!

"Hey mommy, this is fun!!"
Notice sister tagging along in her buggy...aren't we just one big happy family!

And this people is "the pose"....I take pics of my kiddos everyday and it never fails that this pose is flashed SEVERAL times...a whole lot of sugar with a little bit of spice!!!

Off they go....
It took her a few days to get it down but once she did....she was a bike riding pro!

So that is about all for now!
My posts may be random for the next month or so but once Kiley gets back in school I promise to blog on more of a regular basis!

Hope everyone is having a good summer!