Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Late....I KNOW!!

I know, July 4th was almost two weeks ago but I have been really behind on my posts this summer....
I thought about not posting any 4th pics but some of these are just too cute!!
We had a full day....
starting with a parade in a small town not too far away from where we live!
I love our city but there is just something about the small town atmosphere....
everybody knows everybody and small town values are still very evident!
It was so hot but Kiley didn't seem to care!
Lily on the other hand.....was not so impressed with the heat!
After the parade we went to my parents house for lunch and homemade ice cream...yummy!
Then we went to my inlaws....they live in a community that has a HUGE celebration every year!
Food, live music, bouncers for the kids and fireworks....SO fun for everybody!!
Here are a few pics from our busy but fun day!!

All of DeeDee's grandkids together...something we didn't think would happen for several years!!
Here they are....Lily, Isabel, Preston, Ava and Kiley!!
They range in age from 5 months to 4 years!!
DeeDee has been trying to get this picture for a while's not easy getting them to all sit on one place!
This one is not perfect by any means but hey...we will take what we can get!!

Our July 4th family picture taken at my parents house!

Sweet Kiley with her favorite thing....a flower!! She is obsessed!
Oh, and if you can see her pretty cheeks...a firecracker on one and a butterfly on the other!

Precious Lily...she makes the funniest faces!
I have no clue what this one is all about but I LOVE it!

Mommy and Kiley's pretty toes!
Pa sent Mommy, Mammie and Kiley to get their toes done and we all got festive!!
Kiley's are tiny and hard to see but she has fireworks on her big toes....she decided on that one!!
Lily did get left out of the pedicures...her toes are TINY...I did try to paint them did not work well, which is why there is not a picture of them!!

Also, I forgot to get a picture but....the girls had matching bracelets they wore on this day....
they are SO sweet, I will get a pic of them and post it soon!

I hope everyone is having a good week!