Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break Recap!

Things have been crazy lately! Kiley was on Spring Break last week and it flew by, we were busy every day but definitely found time for a little fun! As usual, we spent some time at mammie and pa's house...pa hired me for a few days to do some yard work, which was surprisingly stress relieving! We also made our way to a few local parks, we just couldn't miss out on the nice weather!

Kiley and daddy at the park!

Lily in her lady bug outfit! (you can't see them very well, but her shoes are lady bugs too!)

Mommy and her girls going down the slide!

Stylin' in mommy's sunglasses!

We are back to our normal routine this week, which has been hard for all of us to adjust to! Kiley has her first soccer game on Thursday and I'm not sure who is more excited, her or daddy!! Josh played/still plays soccer and he is happy that his little girl is following in his footsteps...and Kiley is excited that she gets to play at the same indoor arena that daddy plays in!

Lily has had a few "firsts" this past week! She stood up by herself for about 30 seconds on Thursday, but she had no idea she was doing it...she was busy playing with her toy! Also, she slept through the night THREE nights in a row!! She broke the trend last night but still did well, only waking up once to nurse! I am feeling like a new and refreshed mommy!

And last, we got a puppy!!! Kiley has been wanting one for quite some time now but Josh was reluctant to give in...until now! We got a Cairn Terrier, which is the dog from Wizzard of Oz, and she is just too sweet! Her name is Daisy....we let Kiley pick it out....and this is the first name that was agreeable to all of us! (She wanted to call her Lily the Rose Flower....where she came up with that I have no idea, but I just couldn't see myself yelling that from the back porch at 3 in the morning, not to mention, her sisters name is Lily....can you say confusing!!)

Well I am off to grab some breakfast before Lily gets up...hope everyone has a wonderful day!