Monday, March 2, 2009

Full of pictures!

I don't really have alot to say but have some way cute pictures to post from the last few days!
I will try to add captions so you know what you are looking at!

This is our attempt at a family portrait....taken by my sweet husband!
I hate to admit it but the professionals do it better!

Sweet Kiley sitting in daddy's trailer! She smiles CONSTANTLY....until the camera comes out, then she has to make these crazy faces!!

Kiley and her Mimi!
Go ahead and do a double are correct, this is the mayor!
We love you Debra!!

I can stick my tongue out!

Mommy and Lily at the hotel in Lubbock!
Isn't her outfit precious.....she is my little lad bug!

Are you looking at me??

I now consider myself a professional crawler....I will start thinking about other means of getting around after i turn TWO!
(I honestly think this is going to be the case....she shows NO signs of wanting to walk)

It's my little soccer player!
She LOVES soccer...she has her first practice tomorrow night!

Portrait before church...I just love her curly hair!
It's not natural people...I am now getting to put my cosmetology school skills to good use!
(Thanks mom and dad!)

Like my bow??
What about my mohawk??
I have my daddy's double crowns...which makes my hair stick up...ALL THE TIME!
I think that everything should go in my mouth...where else??

And this....
if you could see Kiley's face (in the background) she is saying...
"Lily made an ut-oh"...
I forgot to put the lid on the cream...
I took Lily out of the bathtub and down the hall she went...
As I am getting Kiley out of the bathtub there is silence in the house...
NEVER a good sign when you have kids...
I send Kiley to go find her sister...
I walk into the living room to find this!
I just had to capture the moment with a picture!

and that is all i have for now!

hope everyone has a wonderful monday!


Ashlee , JT. Soph, Shiloh, and Baby Tollett said...

Hi Amanda...thanks for your comment! Your girls are PRECIOUS! There's one thing I know for sure - little girls are so much fun and it's just too fun dressing them! Hope your mastitis is healed. Having it is absolutely miserable. Who's the friend you connected to me through? Take care.