Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello everyone! It seems like it has been forever since I've posted....sorry about that! This one is going to have to be a quickie...Lily is getting restless in the bed and will be waking up any minute and Kiley is on pre-school spring break so I have my hands full!

I have a new accomplishment to blog about....I put Lily in the church nursery for the first time yesterday, I thought it would be nice to actually listen to a sermon, rather than playing peek a boo or patty cake in the hallway to keep the little princess quiet!

I was so proud of myself but kind of nervous too so I made sure that the pager was in my hands at all times....after about 15 minutes it went off!! WHAT??? As I open the doors of the sanctuary I hear her screaming (moms just KNOW when it is their baby crying) and trust me when I say that the nursery is not exactly close to the sanctuary....she was that upset! I rushed to the nursery and I was greeted with the words, "We hated to page you since this is your first time to leave her but she is so upset she is having a hard time breathing and we can't get her to calm down"....she was hyperventilating! Can you say MOMMY'S GIRL?!?!

I was finally able to get her to calm down after I resorted to the usual patty cake and peek a boo games....we were back in our element (the sanctuary hallway)! Maybe we will attempt the nursery again next week...MAYBE!

Well that is my story...really the only exciting thing that happened this weekend, unless you consider spending about $500 dollars on groceries and miscellaneous things at Walmart, Sams and Target exciting....I don't, I think it is rather depressing! should see my fridge, freezer and pantry...we are stocked up on everything and I LOVE that feeling!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is planning on enjoying spring break! You will probably find us at a few of the local parks and possibly at an ice cream store or two! I will try and snap a few cute pics to post!