Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Oh my goodness, how I have missed blogging!
Things have been nothing short of madness lately!

*Kiley has finished her first year of preschool!
*Kiley, mammie and I went and had a tea party with Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother and
Prince Charming...followed by seeing the Cinderella production!
*Lily is crawling like a mad woman...but recently took a few steps!
*Lily has become very vocal and says "dada" CONSTANTLY!

And of course, we have been playing outside, jumping on the trampoline, taking walks and visiting Sonic at happy hour daily!

Lily is doing well. Her MRI was postponed for a while due to some complications...rather or not it will be rescheduled it uncertain for now. Her pulse ox readings came back normal...at least the readings they had recorded on her machine...it is so hard keeping that thing on her foot, she wiggles a toe and it starts beeping and reading incorrectly! UGH! She has been having fewer blue spells and is eating...kinda! She is cutting some teeth and is MISERABLE...complete with fussiness, swollen gums and diarrhea...poor angel!

My Kiley will be spending the summer at home with me...we opted not to do mothers day out this summer! I know there are going to be some long days but we will be having play dates, trips to the pool and park and visiting the library and local painting places!

Sorry for my absence but I have now returned! I have many pics to post and will try to work on that tomorrow during nap time!

I have been spending way too much time on etsy recently and have placed my last order tonite! I will be sure to post pics of the girls in their new cute clothes...along with the sites at which they were purchased...you have got to check them out!

I am off to bed before someone needs to nurse...sweet dreams!