Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another one!

Don't get too used to it!
I just happen to have a few minutes to post...or maybe I am just making the time to do it...rather than folding my growing pile of clean laundry!

Lily pushing her baby in her stroller! This is the ONLY thing Lily will walk with. We are working on moving it a foot or so in front of her and getting her to take a few steps toward it but it has only worked a couple of times! Soon enough she will be all over the place...but for now she just crawls!

Are they not super cute???

Mommy and Kiley at the zoo...looking at the horses!
Kiley is a huge fan of horses, if we had a big enough yard we would own one...but we don't!!

She told me she was "sun bathing" but the sun was in her eyes so she needed her "sun umbrella"!
She says the FUNNIEST things!

The shirt says it all!
Yes, she does still eat at mom's....regularly!
I used to think it was weird to nurse your babies after they were a year old but it is becoming more and more common. We are considering stopping at 18 months though, I KNOW I am sometimes getting used as a pacifier!
How long did you breastfeed your kids?? Just curious!!
The chair...not a great pic of it but it is SO cute!
I got it at and I love it!
I actually saw it on a blog friends page and decided Lily needed one!
Thanks Addy...we love our chair!

Well, I am off to tackle the laundry and then to the in-laws for swimming, dinner and possibly a fire with marshmallow roasting! We have some big news to share this week! No, I am NOT pregnant....and NO I am not upset about that fact....although some of you are waiting for that news....don't count on it any time too soon!

Have a great Sunday Funday!