Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cloth 101

So, as is my cloth diapering post!

I have only been doing this for about a week and a half but I have done a TON of research...
I am currently using several kinds of diapers...AIO (all in ones) and pocket diapers.
I only have a couple of the all in ones and I like them okay but prefer the pocket diapers.
The all in ones have everything you need built in which is nice, but it takes a while for these to dry and it is hard to adjust the "soakability"!!
The brand I have in these is Thirsties....I also hear that bum genius makes a good one!
I have not had any leaks with the Thirsties and if I decide to get more AIO's...I will definitely get the same kind! Lily has a lavender one and a candy pink one....they have a ton of cute colors!

Now on to the pocket diapers....
these diapers are my favorites! They have the cover and a "liner" attached and there is a pocket in the back which you stuff with inserts to absorb the pee pee and poo poo! You can use only one insert or several...depending on how heavy of a wetter you have. Lily only uses a single insert during the day and a insert with a doubler for naps. At night she uses an insert and a loopy do....a super absorbent insert...her booty looks so big but what does she care....she is sleeping!
We have used several brands of pocket diapers and I have some different ones on the way....
so far we love the bum genius and fuzzi bunz. We got 2 blueberry's in the mail today but they are in the wash now so I have yet to try them! I also have 2 happy hineys on the way...hopefully they will be here tomorrow! I hadn't planned on trying anymore for a while but they were on sale for EIGHT dollars....which is a STEAL!!

The look of the blueberry's has to be my favorite...I got one in a pink minky fabric with black dalmation spots and the other in minky purple, pink and green polka dots! But...let me just say that you pay for that cute minky fabric...these are by far the most expensive! I will have to let you know if they are worth the extra money!

I have 2 wet bags that I keep the diapers in when they are waiting to be washed, a small one for the diaper bag and a big one for the nursery. They are water proof and I haven't had any problem with smells...not yet anyways!!

I wash every other day...which isn't too bad! I do a pre-rinse with soda to get the yucky stuff rinsed out....then I do a hot wash with Allen's soap....followed by a cold rinse with vinegar....and an extra rinse with just cold water!

Cloth diapering has wonderful for us, too bad I waited this long to try....and Lily's little bum looks so cute in the diapers! Sorry I don't have pics to husband loaned our camera to his best friend for his trip this weekend and my pics are on it....far away in Dallas! :(

There is always next week!

So that is what I know so far....I am still learning alot and will keep you updated! I know I left some stuff out so let me know if you have any questions...and for those of you that are veterans at this...let me know if you have any tips!!


Ashlee , JT. Soph, Shiloh, and Baby Tollett said...

You are brave! I think cloth diapers are so adorable these days...maybe with baby #2 I'll try! By the way, your Lily is SO tiny and SO cute. She looks like a little doll =)