Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hi Y'all!
Has it really been over one month since I last blogged?
I thought I would post something today because if I didn't....I would have gone the whole month of September without blogging!! YIKES!!

I have had a hard time blogging lately!
I have plenty to blog about but deciding rather or not to post it has been the issue!
I am all about journaling but do I really want everyone reading it??
This brings me to my "issue"....
I love sharing things with friends and family but I have had a couple of "issues" lately that have sort of scared me....making me worry about who really could be reading my blog!
I will not be posting any pictures of the girls this time...for safety reasons....
I do not want to deprive my friends and family from reading about our lives and seeing pictures of the girls so I am considering going private....
I haven't decided for sure yet....
If you like following our family leave me a message and I will put you on the list if I decide to go private!

The girls are doing wonderful!
Kiley is finally in the routine of going to school and Lily and I are enjoying that time together!
My girls are growing so fast....I am trying to soak up each minute!
Lily is trying to say some words and I can't get enough of her voice!
And Kiley doesn't miss a thing...I realized this when she said..."like totally freaked out"...during a conversation she was having!! My word...she is a mini me!!

I hope everyone is doing well!


The Ehles said...

Go Private!! I went private a while back...just add everyone you want to read your blog :) OH, and dont' forget me :)

Shelby said...

Hey! I read!! What's happened???