Sunday, October 11, 2009

The 411 on Miss Lily!

First I want to start by saying thanks to everyone for the thoughts, prayers and offers to help!!
I know I haven't really been able to respond to anyone on facebook...I am really just using that as a way to keep people updated, 99% of my time is being spent holding my sweet baby!

We are doing fine...just tired of being in the hospital!

So here is what's going on...
Lily started running a really high fever on Wednesday morning and it got worse throughout the day. I took her to the doctor and they were 99.9% sure she had H1N1...yikes! She also had an ear infection...which is really no big deal! I spent that night trying to keep her fever down and keep her hydrated. When she woke up on Thursday she was still running a fever and decided she wasn't going to eat or drink anything. She was pulling at her lips and tongue so I finally got a peek in her mouth, after a long game of playing with a flashlight, and she had white sores on her tongue and roof of her mouth. No wonder the baby wouldn't eat!! At this point it was too late to call the Dr. so I just decided I would wait and see how she was in the morning. She slept awful Thursday night and I called Dr. Scott first thing in the morning. She told me to bring her in at 4:30 that afternoon. She checked her out and actually reconsidered her diagnosis of H1N1 and said she had hand, foot mouth has a fancy name but I don't know how to spell or pronounce it! She said that a high fever, congestion and fussiness could be signs of both viruses and it must have been to early to see the sores on Wednesday. Lily was so dehydrated and her fever was getting worse because she was refusing to swallow tylenol or motrin :( She decided that the best thing would be to admit her and get her some fluids.

So here we are...we have been here since Friday evening and things are not improving. She has more energy since she is now hydrated but she is still refusing to eat and drink...which is the only thing that is going to get us out of here! Also, she is having a hard time maintaining her body temperature at is dropping down to about 94 degrees and they don't really know why. She also has new sores on her feet...which is a sign she is still getting them in her mouth as well :( So Friday we were hoping to be going home on Saturday, Saturday we were hoping to go home today and today we are hoping to go home tomorrow!!

Once again, I wanted to update everyone on what's going on for now!
We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!
And don't worry about Kiley...she is at my parents house with Daisy...happy as can be!
She will be coming up later to visit!
Lily got to see Kiley for the first time in 2 days yesterday...they just hugged and melted my heart!

Please keep us in your prayers...Lily needs to feel better and I need some strength, this is starting to wear me out a little bit!!

This has made me SO thankful for my overall healthy girls. There are so many children battling cancers and other serious illnesses that are required to be here for many days at a time. I can't even imagine how hard that must be on them and their families. We are so blessed! Please be in prayer for all of the families that are in the hospital with sick children...the rooms up here are full!