Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

We finally got home from the hospital Monday afternoon...yay!
Lily is feeling much better and is slowly getting back to eating and drinking!
That was a long 4 days and needless to say I am glad it is over!
It was so cold and dreary while we were in the hospital, oh how I wish we would have been at home having a fire and roasting marshmallows...but I guess we will have many more cold days to come!

My parents left this morning for their 30th anniversary trip to North Carolina, I am SO jealous...I need a vacation! My mom has been helping me take and pick up Kiley from school since Lily has been sick but my MIL is doing it today and tomorrow...that is a special treat for Kiley and she is really excited!

Kiley is taking her first field trip of the year to the Pumpkin Patch today, I really wish I could be there but I don't have anyone to watch Lily so I guess I am going to have to miss out on this one! She told me that she would pick me a really good pumpkin...what a sweetie!

I was looking at one of Kiley's school papers yesterday and it had a caterpillar and cocoon on it. I asked he what they were and she said a "patterpillar and a raccoon"...silly Kiley!

I guess that is all for now! Lily and I are looking forward to a day of hanging out at home...I probably won't even make it out of my pajama pants...and I am very okay with that!


Ash said...

Thanks for the comment! Well, her outfit was a I'm not sure where it came from. Hope Lily is back to feeling better. That had to have been scary.