Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do you remember??

Okay, for those of you who are following my blog and read my first post...I said that the hardest part was going to be finding time to actually sit down and write and one month into posts are becoming far and few between! What can I say, I feel so behind with everything from cleaning and laundry to my Bible study and working on Lily's scrap book! I guess we could sum it up by saying that there is just not enough of me to go around!!

On a positive note...I added a counter to the bottom of my blog a few days ago because I was curious to see if anyone was even reading it and the answer is YES...someone out there actually finds my life interesting! And to all of my family who reads this, I hope you enjoy keeping up with what is going on in our lives....I will try to be better about keeping it updated!

We had a wonderful Valentines weekend! Friday night I cooked a heart shaped pizza and Kiley and I made heart cookies for dessert, it was a hit with the whole family! Josh had to work on Saturday so we went to see my parents for a while. Josh and I were able to go out on Saturday night and it was so great to finally have some time to ourselves! We went to one of my favorite restaurants and I had some wonderful sushi! We spent Sunday working on our bathroom that we are currently re-doing....what a disaster! It is going to be great once it is all done but I HATE chaos and that is exactly what our room looks like, absolute chaos! I will post pics of it once it is done...that way all of you can see how much of a handy man my hubby is!

I guess that is about it for now, but I do have pics this time!

I could seriously eat this sweet face up....she is SO precious....when she wants to be!! I was thinking the other day about how fast she is growing is sometimes more than my heart can handle!

This picture was taken at my parents house, she picked out the outfit! I am very picky about what Kiley wears in public but when we are at home, she can wear whatever she wants! Her little belly is sticking out like Winnie the Pooh...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!!

This is one of Lily's favorite faces! If there were sound with this picture most of you would be holding your ears...she has the loudest squeal I have ever heard. She definitely wants to be noticed by everyone in the room!

And this is my little angel right now! I love sleeping baby faces and Lily has the cutest...of course I am partial! I could hold her for hours and watch her sleep...this one is absolutely priceless to me!

So I will try to post again soon! Lily goes back to her specialist on Friday so if you think about it say a quick prayer for her! We are hoping we get a good report, maybe her immune system is strong enough now that we can start going out in public again, I am pretty tired of being a hermit!! She hasn't been sick in a little over a month but she also hasn't been anywhere or exposed to anything so....we will just have to see! We did go to her pediatrician on Monday for a weight check and she gained a little over a pound in about 7 weeks which is wonderful for her...she is now 17 pounds...extremely tiny for her age but at least she gained weight! Good Job Lily Bug!

I am going to take advantage of that fact that my babies are sleeping and I am off to bed...I'm sure Lily will be awake to nurse in a few hours!