Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I should probably be getting ready to go to my womens bible study instead of blogging but I wanted to post some pictures while I had a few minutes....Lily is still sleeping and Kiley is off to pre-school!!

Here is sweet Kiley posing for me in her "K" shirt...isn't it precious??? My friend Stacy made this for her and I am crazy about it! I absolutely love anything with monogramming or initials on it!

And here I am with Miss Lily in her "L" onesie! The girls actually wore them at the same time but it is next to impossible to get a good picture of both of them simultaneously so I decided that separate pictures would be just fine! If you notice, Lily is less than thrilled to be taking this pic with me, she was on the floor playing with her cousin and I interrupted....we love you Izzy!!

This is a pic from last week when it iced/snowed! There wasn't really enough snow to play in but Kiley was insistent on going outside so I bundled her up and out she went! Do you see the little pile of snow next to Kiley??? That is her "snow mountain" took her quite a while to build....because we didn't have very much snow....but she was so proud of it!!

Here are Lily and friend Tiffany's little girl! They were born two days apart and are becoming good friends. They spend most of their time sharing puffs and exchanging chew toys....yummy!!

And this is the ever so fun bathtime! This was Lily's first bubble bath and she loved it! My two girls are so precious, I am so blessed by them everyday!

I'm off to get ready before Lily wakes up!


The Ehles said...

YEAH!! I am glad you got it fixed! :) I am soo happy that the shirts fit the girls! They do look might cute I would have to say. Take care!!