Saturday, April 18, 2009

following in daddy's footsteps

I am such a proud mommy!
Do you see that little soccer player??
The one with the PINK socks??
That's MY girl!
Daddy is pretty proud of her too!
He has played soccer since he was her age and was REALLY hoping he would follow in his footsteps!
So far, so good!!

Listening ever so intently to the coach, AKA Daddy!

Why is her mouth open??
Who knows!
Maybe she is yelling at someone to kick the ball to her!

Soccer practice...once again we are wearing PINK!
Kiley was upset to learn that she could not wear a dress to play soccer in but eventually cheered up after I assured her she would at least be able to wear pink!
What a girlie girl! I love it!

Mommy and Lily during soccer practice!
She absolutely loves my sunglasses!

I am so glad Kiley is playing soccer!
It is so much fun to watch...they don't really play, they just run in a cluster around the ball!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!