Thursday, April 9, 2009


Is "randomosities" even a real word??? Obviously not since my spell check is putting a bright red line underneath it but for today I am making it one!

I have alot to post about and finally got my sweet husband to upload my pics from the last few weeks but I am busy doing laundry and cleaning the house so I thought I would just post a few pics!

Happy Birthday Pa....we love you!!
Have we told you that you look younger and younger every year!!

Daddy and Kiley about to play in the snow....or should I say BLIZZARD! We got over a foot of snow!

Here are Kiley and I at her 4 year well visit! She is all smiles here but that soon changed when she found out she had to get FOUR shots! All of you moms who think it is hard holding your 6 month old down...wait until they are this took THREE of us!
Don't worry though, her cherry lime from Sonic brought a smile to her face! We LOVE happy hour!

And sweet Lily with daddy....this is her FAVORITE thing to do....sitting on daddy's shoulders! Take notice of the ever so famous mohawk....not like I needed to point it out, you can't miss it!

I am afraid that is all for now....Lily is awake and we need some outside play....sidewalk chalk here we come!

We are going to see the Easter Bunny from that coming tomorrow!

Have a good Thursday afternoon!