Thursday, April 16, 2009

My big girl!

My sweet Kiley is growing up so fast and I am reminded of that daily!
Tonite, we made our weekly trip to Walmart...yay!
Kiley asked daddy if she could buy something with the money in her piggy bank...we give her change as incentives for helping mommy around the house!
We have never even counted the money so we had no clue how much she had! To our surprise, she had 15 we dumped it in the Fancy Nancy purse and off to Walmart we went!
Once we got there, we spent over 30 minutes picking out what she wanted...she wanted everything! She finally decided on ANOTHER HORSE!!
All of you who know Kiley know that she LOVES horses, ponies and unicorns!
So yes, we now have another one...without a name...she still hasn't named the two she got for Easter!
She is such a silly girl but I love her SO much! She is growing up to be such a sweet little girl and I am blessed by her daily!

On a side note, itty bitty is feeling better and no longer sounds like a seal! We will be going to Lubbock on Monday to see her Pedi Gastro Specialist...whom we have not seen in sometime. Dr. Scott is concerned about her lack of weight gain and lack of desire to eat, she thinks that her meds might possibly need to be changed....which is like playing Russian Roulett...please be praying for her...and for mommy, I need some sleep!

Happy Thursday!


The Ehles said...

Hey girl ~
Question- how did you do your layout? I absolutely love it!!