Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!!

So it finally decided to get cold outside and I couldn't be happier....I absolutely love cold weather! We got ice, sleet and a little bit of snow, which meant no pre-school for Kiley, we spent the day cuddling by the fire, drinking "hot chocolate milk", making tents and playing in the snow...when daddy got home from work!

Kiley and I made snow ice cream and it was delicious, but my suspicious husband wouldn't even taste it! Lily wanted to play in the snow as well but since she has just started crawling that was out of the question....those little chubby legs would have froze! I got some cute pics that I am definitely going to post tonite...I PROMISE!

Today things are back to normal, Kiley went to school and Lily and I went to my bible study. We went to my moms for lunch, a weekly tradition....although Kiley would prefer it be a daily tradition...she LOVES mammie!! The girls are now resting....Kiley on the couch with her movie and Lily fast asleep in her room!! Kiley hasn't taken a nap in about a year....I have given up on trying, it just isn't worth the fight! Besides, she is 4 now and like she tells me, "mom, four year old girls don't need naps"...what a little stinker!

I guess that is about it, nothing too interesting to post about. I will get some pics up later tonite!

Keep Lily in your prayers, she is starting to get congested again and once it starts it always ends in a bad lung infection....often resulting in a stay in the fun! I am so ready for my sweet baby to stay well!